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SecretLuxury is one of the biggest distributors of TPE silicone dolls in Europe, always committed to the customer to offer you the best products at the best market price.

We offer you a wide catalog of uncensored images of more than 100 silicone dolls to choose from Catalog

The dolls have a real appearance as they are handmade by professional artists.

The material they are made of (silicone) feels like smooth, soft and flexible human skin. 

The members and body can move freely with wide variety of posts.

The color of the skin of the dolls has a purely natural appearance throughout the body.

With these dolls you will live an experience like you have never had before.

The joints of the body are made of multiplex metal of the latest professional technology that ensure that members can be free and modified to adopt all kinds of positions.

The quality of the dolls is excellent and can be customized to the taste of the client, color of eyes, nails, hair, pubic hair, stand up and others that you can consult on the page Customization

Also new can already make your sexdoll even more realistic with the new Functions Sound and Heat

Silicone as the TPE are proven materials and a realistic touch experience. The silicone made from thermoplastic elastomers have enjoyed greater popularity among manufacturers for their ease of use to sculpt and create molds of product more than realistic in addition to offering a waterproof and temperature-retentive use. At SecretLuxury our silicone dolls are made of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) for a realistic and functional experience.

In our store most of our dolls have the option of being selected as (Silicone PREMIUM) & (EXCLUSIVE Product) these dolls have differences regarding the rest of dolls, the TPE silicone has the highest quality on the market, the feeling when touching the doll is totally realistic, the details of the finish are superior and of a very high degree of definition, some dolls have details such as tongue and teeth, this type of dolls qualified as PREMIUM have greater durability, are lighter and extremely realistic, so your choice will be based on your budget.

All our dolls are shipped from Spain to all Europe, the prices indicated in the store are final prices, include all transportation costs, taxes and customs. We ship worldwide, but countries outside the European Community should contact us before placing the order to calculate shipping costs, in addition to taxes in your country.

Due to the nature of these types of items and due to the customization options of these dolls, SecretLuxury has the policy of not making returns once the item is accepted.

Available sizes of our dolls are from 140 cm to 170 cm. Our dolls are a complement of entertainment and sexual leisure aimed at men or women, but always understanding sexual leisure within the strictest legality and respecting the human rights and more specifically of minors, victims of abuse, for this reason in SecretLuxury we never publish nor will we publish dolls less than 140 cm or have children's body as we reject and totally oppose to promote or facilitate satisfaction to a criminal practice and that we hope that the human being can overcome and leave behind.

Our realistic silicone dolls meet all the safety and hygiene requirements demanded by the European Union for distribution and sale. SecretLuxury silicone dolls have the official safety and hygiene certificates as well as all Rohs Test for distribution in Europe. Test ETR Standard Technology Co., Ltd, certified product EUROPEAN STANDARD ON SAFETY OF TOYS EN71-1:2011+A3:2014

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